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I needed a rear brake line and front brake hoses installed on my Jeep with a 4 inch lift because I could not get proper sizes from anyone. I had repeatedly said to the mechanic what I wanted done, but instead the mechanic began working on parts that I did not specify for him to do, he also misdiagnosed one wheel cylinder as a problem clamming that it was old and needed to be replaced even though the part is brand new and replaced from a better mechanic.

When installing a new rear brake line, he did not braid the line or bleed the brakes. I could tell that the brakes had not been bleed because of the lack of assistance in the brake pedal. When I communicated the problem with the owner, he just made a ton of excuses and obviously didn't care about the lack of professionalism from his mechanic because the guy has a major attitude problem which is obvious. I went home and bleed the brakes myself.

A ton of air came out of the lines, and I repeated the bleeding process 3 times before getting all the air out. I spent 169.00 for this guy to put in a rear line when he was supposed to do better than just that alone. 169.00 for an hour and a half of labor. The question I have is what was the mechanic doing after the first 30 minuets that it took him to make me a line?


Over all terrible service and the mechanic, owner, and sales people are absolute jerks.

Monetary Loss: $169.

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